• The picture in the background is our Newfield United Methodist Church.

  • “Today's Bible Passage” (near the top of the Home Page) changes daily.

    • If you click on “Today's Bible Passage”, you will be presented with a calendar to look at prior messages.

    • Under the message is “Provided by Christ Notes Bible Search". If you click on it, you will be brought to a site that allows searching the bible for words or phrases, review the various books of the Bible and much more.

    • When you want to return to our website, simply close the Christ Notes Bible Search window.

  • “NUMC Activities” provides a listing, by day, of each event.

    • You can move the scroll bar up or down to see either prior events or into the future to see what is coming up.

    • When you are done, you can click “Today” and promptly show the events starting with today.

    • If you click on any event you will see the date and time; for example if you click on Bible Study, you will see the beginning and ending times.

    • If you click on “Prayer, Concerns, Joys” you will find at the bottom of the listing it says “more details”. If you click on it you will get all the detail.

    • In the “NUMC Activities” list, the upper right hand corner has “Print” and a printer icon. If you click on it you can then select "print range" (from date to date), and you get to choose 7 different font sizes (for easier reading).

  • Just under “NUMC Activities” you will see “View Full-Page Calendar” and it will provide that if you choose to click on it. The tan-colored date is today. The calendar will not only show our NUMC events but also facility reservations by various groups and other events.

  • By clicking “Home” (top left of page, you will be brought back to the 1st page.


Printing tip: to print any content on the site


-- using Internet Explorer or AOL --

  1. Hold your left mouse button down and drag across the desired text to highlight it.

  2. Right-click your mouse within the selected area.

  3. On the popup menu, left-click "Print..."

  4. When the Print menu opens, choose what you want to print under "Page Range".

  5. Click "Print".

-- using Firefox, Apple Safari or Google Chrome --

Enter Ctrl+P. 

Google Chrome: click "Advanced..."